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Session: Roberto Lopez Mendez and Mobile VR

The hype around VR is not going anywhere anytime soon. More and more developers are looking into  development for different VR devices. If you are interested in creating mobile VR experiences, then the following session if for you.

Roberto Lopez Mendez from ARM is coming to DevGAMM Moscow to deliver a talk called  “Optimized Rendering Techniques for Mobile VR”

VR rendering pushes the hardware to the limits and rendering shadows and reflections in VR is challenging. The talk presents highly optimized rendering techniques for shadows and reflections in mobile VR and considers the importance of rendering stereo reflections in VR. Roberto will demonstrate how to implement stereo reflections in Unity.

In this session Roberto will introduce the concept of local cubemaps and will explain how to implement a new shadow rendering technique based on local cubemaps. This technique allows rendering very efficient and high quality shadows, which makes it very suitable for mobile VR.


Roberto Lopez Mendez is an ARM Software Graphics Engineer. He studied Nuclear Physics but after a decade working in Physics he discovered his real passion and has been working in 3D graphics for various companies since 1995. In 2012, Roberto joined the ARM Demo Team. Since then he has been working on developing optimized rendering techniques for mobile devices. He also regularly delivers workshops at different universities and talks at game and development related events.

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