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ARena Session: Total immersion VR

Alexander Lukichev and Egor Tomskiy of ARena company are going to give a talk about a new world in the entertainment industry, meaning total immersion VR.

Imagine next 5-10 years in the world of entertainment, computer games, film industry. They will change radically. New computer platform appeared. VR / AR technologies will change the digital world as dramatically as did the personal computer, the Internet, of web2.0, and smartphone. With the development of processors, communication tools, virtual reality technology, tracking systems, and motion capture in real-time, audio technologies, tactile technologies, interactive systems … full immersion in any digital world of virtual reality has become possible.

Alexander and Egor will talk about the future of computer gaming, how it will change. They also will discuss which technologies will make possible to get in the game, step inside and feel the physical presence in it, interact with each other, the environment and the virtual characters and play with unparalleled realism.

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