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Keynote: Rami Ismail and his Nuclear Throne

If you’ve been to DevGAMM Moscow in previous years you’ve probably met Rami Ismail… if you’ve been to ANY game industry conferences around the world, you’ve probably met Rami Ismail….

If you haven’t met Rami yet (how is it even possible?!) and you are an indie dev, you’ll get a chance to see him at DevGAMM Moscow 2016 this May!

He will deliver a talk called “Nuclear Throne Postmortem: from Early Access to Consoles Release”. Rami is an excellent speaker so we won’t reveal much about the session content this time, but you can expect nothing less than an insightful story in its true colors.

To get an idea about Rami’s speaking skills take a look at his previous DevGAMM talks (Sincere Game Design and Luftrausers). He’s also going to be one of Game Lynch judges!

Rami Ismail is one half of Dutch independent studio Vlambeer. He’s best known for his work on games as Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS and Super Crate Box. Besides games, Rami creates independent game creation tools such as presskit() and distribute(). Rami continuously travels the world, and has dedicated a large part of his efforts towards encouraging and supporting game development in emergent territories. Check his website for more info: Or better just follow him on Twitter @tha_rami

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