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Amazon: Opportunities for Your Game with Twitch

DevGAMM Moscow 2016 is happy to welcome Garnett Lee, Amazon game evangelist!

Garnett is going to make a talk called “Developing More Opportunities for Your Game Today and Tomorrow with Twitch” on the burning topic of broadcasting and live streaming. Nothing else offers the potential to reach the games community like the 20 billion minutes watched each month on Twitch. At the same time, the thought of finding a spot alongside the likes of Hearthstone and League of Legends may seem overwhelming. Every game holds the ability to build the audience to create more opportunities for streamers to earn and developers to sell. Garnett will show you steps you can take today to move toward that goal and set a foundation for developing, launching, and sustaining your game with Twitch. He will also look a little further down the road at how this may influence game design in the future.


Garnett Lee cultivates enthusiasm for developing and playing games with Amazon. He draws on his media and creative background to build both sides of the community, primarily through Twitch. Previously he served as Director of Publishing for mobile games and Editorial Director at GameFly after becoming a highly regarded voice in the games industry for his editorial work at Ziff Davis. Garnett is also well-known for his on-camera work and creation of successful podcasts including 1UP Yours and Weekend Confirmed.

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