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Thomas Was Alone Creator Mike Bithell Is Coming To DevGAMM

One of the most requested speakers for DevGAMM over the years has been Mike Bithell. He is a poster boy for indie development, he’s done a ridiculous amount of interviews and now he is coming to Moscow!

If you are a solo developer or a small indie team, his talk “10 things that seem to be working right now for indies“ is definitely meant for you. It’ll be pretty broad in its application with notes on marketing, design, production practice and art.

Indie moves quick, any advice tends to have a short shelf life. This talk focuses on 10 lessons and approaches from recent games, including Mike’s own work (Thomas Was Alone, Volume), Mike will unpack these lessons, and find some solid advice for the audience.


Mike Bithell is the chap behind two reasonably liked British games, Thomas Was Alone and Volume. He is currently working on a VR expansion to Volume, and future, secret things. He’ll probably tell you about them on twitter (@mikebithell) or on his site:

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