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Discussion Panel: I’ve got my VR, now where’s the money?

The topic of virtual reality has finally reached DevGAMM conference. Although our event is mainly focused on games, we could not overlook this trend. After all, many developers have already switched to making interactive products for headsets and controllers, despite the fact that these devices are still far from mass consumption .

Both expo area and content part of DevGAMM will be partially dedicated to this topic. Besides the separate sessions, we decided to gather experts for a discussion panel titled: «I’ve got my VR, now where’s the money?» where they will discuss the prospects of VR/AR market development.

Hosts of this panel are Sergey Galyonkin (Epic Games) and Oleg Chumakov (Nival).
Participants include: Kirill Udintsev (Gaijin),  Andy Hess (Epic Games),  Alexander Lukichev (ARena), Yaroslav Sivokhin (Fibrum), Alex Zinchenko (Cerevrum Inc.), Antony Douglas (Unity)

They will share their experience and vision of VR trends future in the next 5 years, discuss the potential audience of gaming products on these devices and touch upon the adaptation of existing business models for new conditions.

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