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Romuald Zdebskiy about cloud technologies for Game Developers

[vc_row type=»in_container» scene_position=»center» text_color=»dark» text_align=»left» overlay_strength=»0.3″][vc_column column_padding=»no-extra-padding» column_padding_position=»all» background_color_opacity=»1″ background_hover_color_opacity=»1″ width=»1/1″][vc_column_text]Have you ever thought about cloud technologies? Nowadays, there are lots of talks about it in developers circles. Therefore, we decided to talk about it. So, if you have some questions concerning such technologies, Romuald Zdebskiy is going to cover them.

Romuald Zdebskiy is going to deliver a talk ‘Cloud for Game Developers — Myth or Real Scenarios?’ in which he will introduce you different scenarios in which you can and can’t benefit from cloud.

Well, currently, there is a lot of buzz on cloud for game development. During this session Romuald Zdebskiy will walk you through more than 10 gamedev scenarios where cloud can work for you. He is going to touch on the issues of data storage and analytics. As an example, Romuald will use Microsoft Cloud — Azure.

Romuald Zdebskiy is Games Lead for CEE at Microsoft.  He is responsible for working with leading game developers in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to that, coordinated the work of technical experts in software development and management of IT infrastructure at Microsoft in terms of the key technology priorities of the Microsoft platform. In recent years, he was responsible for the work with a number of key partners of Microsoft on the development of the region and was engaged in the release of the most popular games and applications.

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