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Streamers & Video Bloggers: user’s manual

Youtube and Twitch are gradually replacing traditional media in terms of influence on the player and the formation of interest for the games.

But it’s not always easy to find a way to connect with the stars of these platforms. We invited popular video-bloggers and streamers, which channels are very attractive for developers and their projects, to tell how to collaborate with them in a right way. Among them Twitch and Youtube stars Richard “TheUselessMouth” Chirkin, Denis “We Love Games” Korobkov,  Nikolay “Pixel Devil” Gubanov and Artavazd Muradyan, video producer of Igromania Twitch channel.

The other side of working with the stars will be covered by Yulia Vakhrusheva, tinyBuild and Kirill Kalashnikov, DavayLayma.

Hosted by Roman Goroshkin.

Are you looking to use Twitch and Youtube to promote your game? Then this panel is for you.

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